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What is Second Touch Productions all about? It's about making your message so compelling that it prompts that "second look" at something that tugs at the heart. It's about causing your audience toconnect and engage with your presentation or printed material, whether it's in a church or in another faith-based setting. It's about providing clarity and focuson the topic at hand. It's about impacting the world. Ultimately, it's about changed lives.

In the book of Mark, the Bible tells the story of a blind man at Bethsaida who was brought to Jesus for healing. Jesus touched his eyes, and the man said that he could see people, but that they looked like trees walking around. After Jesus touched the man's eyes a second time, the man just stared, dumfounded . . . he could see clearly!

STP hopes to be the "second touch" to your message, clarifying the focus of what God intends to communicate, and making the concepts more accessible and applicable. Second Touch Productions is deeply passionate about helping churches and faith-based organizations to share God's message through visual communication tools.
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